It is hidden
It is not mine
But it is

What is the name?

Minera Escondida -24.270440, -69.071217



Hey -

I am so sorry to pull you into all of this. I have so many regrets and several of them revolve around you. I’m sorry I’ve hidden the truth from you for so long. I’m sorry I can’t just tell you the truth now. We’re both in danger and I can’t risk what I have to say being intercepted. I’m sure that you’re being watched. Again, I’m so sorry. I swear that if we make it through all this one day I’ll make it up to you.

You’ve made it this far so you’ve tracked down my hints. I knew that you could and I’m just so grateful you were willing to, especially after I had to push you away the last few months. I left a lot of things hidden so that, hopefully, only you would find them.

The Van Kress family is evil. I knew that going in. I had my reasons for going to work for them and they were important at the time. I also made some preparations in case they found me out, in case I had to escape them, but I never dreamed that any of this would happen. NOTLIK IT.

You have to believe me. I loved Victoria. She was everything. I was willing to give up everything for her. I came here to Chile to the town that bears her name as a way of saying goodbye. We used to joke that we would move here and escape life in the spotlight. Now we’ll never get that chance.

She hated it, you know, living life under such scrutiny. She would have hated all the attention she’s getting even now. I have to move on, though. It won’t be that long before someone finds me here. And besides, I have a lot of ground to cover. This mess is a whole lot bigger than even I could have imagined.

I think it might all be connected. I just can’t figure out how yet. I need your help with that. I’m sorry to ask, but will you go on one last adventure with me? Imagine we’re kids again, hunting down lost bikes. Only this hunt is far more important, far more dangerous.

I will be in contact soon. I need to avoid direct communication because I’m afraid our correspondence could be stolen. It’s safer that way. Watch your back my friend.